Walking my pet

Francis Alys and Alastair Maclennan inspired this walking performance across London.


Initially I just wanted to draw a  line of noise by dragging along the streets in London a “pet” made out of cans, but the work was transformed by people interested in talking to me. I wasn’t invisible anymore.


People laughed, made comments, took me picture, gave me their opinions. I even met a plain-clothes policeman who stopped a musician performing in the street but allow me to do my performance. I was impressed by my pet-like artefact generating this type of reactions.


It was provocative and very stimulating as an artist.

Visibility and Invisibility

A line of noise

Noise as sculpture

Visual noise

Noise leads to reflections















West | East

My journey across London from West to East revealed the diversity of communities differing dramatically in ethnic mix and cultural identity. This coexistence contrasts with many historical conflicts between West and East


Conflicts and strife generate vast waves of migration globally.


My project W|E focused on banal objects, collecting, cleaning and migrating these between West and East in London.


Puddles of dirty water and patches of grass look the same regardless of location. Objects found along the route were symbolically cleansed. Parted of their long-held possessions and with substance revealed beneath, they looked equally at home when relocated.




















































My art installation displayed puddles and grass collected on my journey West to East across London. Recognising they are indistinguishable, the central exhibit of each was a fusion of both sides. The symbolism aimed to cut through the many judgmental perceptions of migrants.  

Killing Saint Jerome

Painting on ice. “green paint” on  frozen pond

Practical experiment: auto-destructive painting on ice


Responding to the concerns of my manifesto project on climate change, I was inspired by the Olafur Eliasson’s and  Minik Rosin’s art installation ‘Ice Watch”.


I created a painting on the surface ice of a frozen pond. The sun rose and slowly started melting the work. This metaphorical, auto-destructive work reflects my interest in calling attention to climate change and environmental issues.

Work in progress
Bond House
London, 2016​
University of Arts London
Camberwell College of Arts
Final Year show
London, 2015

Kurripacos' Art

Workshop in the Amazon
Colombia, 2015

I travelled to the Colombian Amazon seeking inspiration from the indigenous art in the region where I grew up. From my first hand experience working with the Kurripacos, I went on to develop and create a painting that has advanced my own artistic practice whilst pushing me into new areas and realisations. 

This video documents a "Live Project" undertaken as part of the final year of my BA Painting course at UAL Camberwell, London.