Prick & Stitch Alliance

Standpoint Gallery - London

Royal College of Art 

Feb-March 2021


The Renaissance

Medium: Foam wrap, wool and thread

Size: 120x100 cm

These shared images reflect my experience of being ill with Covid19 as well as participating in the RCA program residency, “Prick and Stitch Alliance”, at Standpoint Gallery.

I reflected during my time in hospital, thinking that being pricked with needles was in some way related to the residency. My body was a lab for all sorts of remedies. I made a piece for the residency’s exhibition during my 11-nights' quarantine stay at the Renaissance Hotel upon returning to the UK. I was still recovering from Covid 19 some weeks earlier and my lungs were still affected. As backing for the work, I used the material that had wrapped my medicine for transport on the flight home. Pricking and stitching this material was a fragile undertaking. I viewed the scan of my lungs taken in hospital in Colombia and copied the image onto the work. The needle piercing the material felt like the pain in my lungs, a feeling I infused into the work.

Unexpectedly, books on medicine, body and health influenced my work. I was stimulated in a new way and my own body, habits and routines became a focus of discussion, whilst also containing reflections on today’s pandemic and the idea of a collective infection due to our nature as a social species. Being alone also shaped my work, seeing how fragile but at the same time how strong our body is to fight on.

Odisha, India


Perceptions, 2015
Acrylics on Cow Dung
3 x 10 mts 


Perceptions (London) 2016
Acrylics on Cow Dung
180 x 250 cms


Perceptions, 2015
Perceptions (In London)
Perceptions, 2015
Work in progress
Drawing Illusions (Detail), 2015
Drawing Illusions (Detail), 2015